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Apparently it has become normal practice to start rating incendiary films based on their ability to rile up Muslims protest boringness of Dutch filmthe Muslim hoards.  Fitna, having failed to bring about the type of rioting, protesting, destruction, murder and mayhem that fellow Dutch projects Submission and the Muhammad cartoons brought about, was declared a flop.  “So far, the fallout has fallen flat.” 

Oh, too bad for Mr. Wilders.  No fame and fortune.  No death at the hands of a crackpot extremist.  Maybe next time?

The film sucked.  Watching it, I was actually bored.  I guess I should be enraged?  Nope.  Just bored.

Even Irshad Manji thinks Wilders is misguided.  But then again, I’ve never seen her support anyone or anything that doesn’t directly promote her or her book or her celebrity.

Should have posted this earlier, but eh.  Who cares?  Yawn. 

Additionally, this caught my eye.  Says Al-Saeed, “I made it in less than 24 hours.”  (Ooo burn to Geert!)

I guess it goes to show any religion can be edited to seem hateful.  Let’s all do videos!  I call the Amish! 

I mean seriously.  It wouldn’t take that long.



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