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So back in college the girls of the MSA used to get together in someone’s apartment every so often and have “halaqas.” Around the time of my conversion these were, after some food, a discussion on some aspect of Islam. It was in that first year that we attempted to study the different schools of thought/sects of Islam.


People mostly didn’t do their research and it never happened that year. In the year/s following “halaqas” mostly became food gatherings with one person’s attempt at some kind of presentation. Maybe.

I’d like to go back to that idea. I’m thinking maybe we cover topics something like this:

  • Basic/Fundamental History of Islam (Prophet’s Life)
  • Sunni/Shia split
  • Sunni schools of thought (a post for each)
  • Shia schools of thought (a post for each)
  • Sufism
  • None of the above/non-recognized (Ahmadiyyah, Nation of Islam, Bahai?, etc)
  • “Reformists” (Salafi, Wahabi, Progressive, what have you)

I’m also thinking I probably shouldn’t start this until Asiyah gets back from India. Thing is, if she’s gone for too long and I’m feeling prolific, well…. I guess we can always delete posts if necessary, right?


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