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Muslim Three-ways

Lately I’ve been noticing a conference calling trend within the Muslim community at large within the US.  This past Ramadan muslimmatters featured a call
with Sh. Yasir Qadhi and Sh. Birjas.  Baba Ali just held one this past March to promote his Ask Baba Ali series.  And I get emails daily from different Muslim groups using conference calls to get meetings done with members across the country – maybe even across the globe.

But my favorite is a small weekly conference call my friend started – a tele-halaqa, held each wednesday night.  The members are all over the country, have very little time.  But the tele-halaqa allows for us to have a meeting while some of us are in the car, stepping away from a social gathering, or even lying in bed in our pjs (I’m totally guilty of this one).  My friend uses Free Conference to set up the tele-halaqas.

Awesome idea.  Easy to start up your own.  No excuses – it’s free and you can meet anywhere.  Talk about Islam while you’re ironing or eating or getting ready for bed.

(Hint to Audra – I think we should so something like this to get you, me and Djordy together, what ya think?)



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