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I’m sorry, my friends, but at this point in my life I do not have the time to live as a muslim the way that I’d like.  This includes research, though thankfully not reflection.  The upside of lonliness is at least an interesting train of thought now and then.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose.  The purpose of my own life, lifestyle, choices, emotions, these kinds of things.   But when it comes to “religion” (perhaps as separate from “spirituality”), that much of what is taught in Islam are guidelines – like the food pyramid or the golden rule -which help give shape to life, but not define it.

This brings some negativity, in my mind, to people who focus their lives around Islam in an obsessive way.  At the moment I’m drawing parallels with anorexics.  The food pyramid, exercise, eating healthy – all of this is important and hard to maintain, especially in this country.  But when the only things that are important to a person are being “healthy” (or what have you), well, something seems out of line.   Like someone is focusing on the wrong thing entirely.

But then, what would the right “focus”, or purpose to life be?



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From an article on the NYTimes website:
‘The parents, “want their girls safe at home and away from evil things like boys.”

enough said. But there’s more:

‘Hina Khan-Mukhtar decided to tutor her three sons at home and to send them to a small Muslim school cooperative established by some 15 Bay Area families for subjects like Arabic, science and carpentry. She made up her mind after visiting her oldest son’s prospective public school kindergarten, where each pupil had assembled a scrapbook titled “Why I Like Pigs.” Mrs. Khan-Mukhtar read with dismay what the children had written about the delicious taste of pork, barred by Islam. “I remembered at that age how important it was to fit in,” she said.’

Lol. “Ok Billy, why do you like pigs?”

“They taste delicious!”

Classic. And surprisingly anti-hippie for the Bay area.

Also, I think it’s important to point out that this whole article seems to revolve around Muslims homeschooling in California, which has one of THE WORST school systems in the US, especially in regards to public schools. And evidently the changes the Schwarzinator is pushing through are expected to push the educational system down to number 50, yes, dead LAST in the nation. Focus this article around any other state and maybe I might find the home schooling a little more unusual, but in this case it really just seems smart.


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So I’m currently staying with people who have satellite television. Channel 9104 is LinkTV, a channel that, surprisingly, I think I could watch endlessly. It’s basically just a huge amount of multicultural, world programming. Since I walked in they’ve shown a documentary on Georgian music and musicians (the country, not the state), another on voting issues in the United States, the 60 second winner from the “One Nation, One Voice” contest (the muslim film competition), a program hosted by a very unusual Catholic nun (or former nun, I wasn’t really paying attention), and now one on a driving school that teaches women in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Interestingly enough, the guys who are teaching the women to drive (and it’s two men who teach), don’t really strongly support women driving. And they are assholes, pardon my french, to the women who are trying to learn, while they’re driving nonetheless. Talk about distractions.

Anyway, evidently some cars have an automated voice that says “bismillah”
… every time they break.


Another favorite, the driving instructors keep repeating to the women when they’re driving: “Try to be like a man. Be brave. Be courageous behind the wheel.”


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Muslims on Facebook

You know, I didn’t want to join Facebook when it first made its rounds.  It wasn’t until virtually everybody else I knew was on it that I realized how handy it was.  Keep track of your friends, classmates and family – find people or information about people when you need to, long lost friends, etc. etc.

But at some point, maybe when it started reaching out to non-college students, it started having some shady MySpace qualities.  Ignoring the obnoxious 999 million different applications that clog up people’s profiles now, I’m regularly “friended” by weirdos for no particular reason at all.

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that some of these weirdos are muslims.   Still, somehow they’re more amusing than the others.   So I thought I’d share a couple.

Most recently, a guy wants to be my friend whose profile consists only of quotes from the Qur’aan.  No pictures or groups, only a profile and 2 people commenting on his wall: himself and “Muslims Canadians (no network).”  Here’s an excerpt from his profile:



ooo, and he’s single, born January 1, 1960.  I gotta say no to the guy, but what a catch for the rest of you ladies 😉

And now onto the finalists for random messages (in addition to friend requests).   And you know I’m a sucker for terrible english:


 Me:   you know it’s common curtosey to at least send someone a message before you try to friend them – that way I know you’re not another slimy guy trying to get in my “facebook pants”


 Guy#1: dear sister
is enough tell me i dont want add you
and i will answer you ok no problem have a nice day
i dont understand your way to tell me i am a slim guy and etc
ani way this the message that normally i send like presentationhavCiao i am [removed for privacy] i am an italian guy
I am new in facebook and i would like know interesting people that like have fun and know other people
hope we can became friends if you want we can talk in msn or yahoo
My msn is [removed for privacy]

ciao for now and take care
happy ramadan


Guy#2: hey girl.. nice c u a pretty face here.. 🙂 !! r u muslim ? btw u r really lookin gud with shot hairs… 🙂


It makes me laugh, it makes me cry.


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Wise Words

For the past few weeks I have been staying with a very wise, and beautiful woman named Mary. She has had an incredible range of experiences in her life, and has somehow managed to become a very spiritual, kind of enlightened person. Although she has her own struggles she has for many years been helping people to find direction in their lives and careers.

I just had a very thoughtful discussion with her and she said something that resonated very strongly with me that I thought I’d share:


“What you long for and desire is God’s way of telling you what it is you need to do.”



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