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From an article on the NYTimes website:
‘The parents, “want their girls safe at home and away from evil things like boys.”

enough said. But there’s more:

‘Hina Khan-Mukhtar decided to tutor her three sons at home and to send them to a small Muslim school cooperative established by some 15 Bay Area families for subjects like Arabic, science and carpentry. She made up her mind after visiting her oldest son’s prospective public school kindergarten, where each pupil had assembled a scrapbook titled “Why I Like Pigs.” Mrs. Khan-Mukhtar read with dismay what the children had written about the delicious taste of pork, barred by Islam. “I remembered at that age how important it was to fit in,” she said.’

Lol. “Ok Billy, why do you like pigs?”

“They taste delicious!”

Classic. And surprisingly anti-hippie for the Bay area.

Also, I think it’s important to point out that this whole article seems to revolve around Muslims homeschooling in California, which has one of THE WORST school systems in the US, especially in regards to public schools. And evidently the changes the Schwarzinator is pushing through are expected to push the educational system down to number 50, yes, dead LAST in the nation. Focus this article around any other state and maybe I might find the home schooling a little more unusual, but in this case it really just seems smart.



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Muslim Curves are Awrah

I wrote a blog about this and it got deleted. I’m still bitter about that, so this will be short.

Coworker asked me about this the other day. Almost a month later, I’m still not so sure why this would cause such a stir. In particular given that: “The policy only applies to one gym, a facility mainly used for intramurals. Because of its location at the edge of campus, it is the university’s least used gym…”

Ok, so…?

Also ridiculous, this gem from a Muslim student who doesn’t even use the school facilities to work out: “The majority should be willing to compromise…I think that’s just basic courtesy.”

Hmm, of course, the new democracy.

Yes, it’s a cool idea. Yes I would love Muslim women to have their own time in the gym. But I don’t really see the controversy since Curves has been making money from this idea for awhile. And really I’m sad since the article seems to infer that no women, Muslim or other are using these hours. Claim your space ladies!

But I have to throw in that I feel completely capable of working out in a coed gym in sharia-compliant clothing. Big shout out to my PSUMuslimah gym buddies who sweated it out together to get healthy (it is the sunnah btw).

It IS possible to be covered and work out at the same time. And not only is it possible, it’s down right American. I refer you to a classic:

Rocky is a muslim woman



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