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Gettin’ it started

This post marks the official beginning of our blog. Expect changes and randomness, and give us some ideas if you’d like 🙂 But just to get things started we’ll give you some background info on us:

Audra: After completing my undergrad at Penn State in Spring 2007, I moved to Los Angeles, California where I’m still figuring out life, work, and everything else. I converted to Islam over 3 years ago and am still learning, still exploring.

Asiyah: Also graduated in May ’07. I live in Charm City, work in public health and am constantly contemplating my next move. I converted to Islam a little over 4 years ago and I’ve discovered that the more I know, the more I know I don’t know anything. I also can’t decide on the best way to spell Asiah/Asiyah/Aasiyah.


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